We have an extensive range of 'off the shelf' activity packs for use by visiting groups in the evenings.

These packs include all the instructions, suggestions and resources needed for group leaders to run their own activities.

The Duty Instructor will be on hand to advise and ensure that groups have everything they need to run a constructive and enjoyable programme of evening activities.

On site activities include

  • Indoor orienteering
  • Group Discussion/ Reviewing exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Board Games
  • Library
  • Audio Visual Facilities
  • Video Collection (we have a limited number of DVDs and videos on outdoor activities, groups are welcome to bring their own to watch)
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Team work games
  • Art/Handicraft resources
  • Problem Solving Exercises
  • Night Walks
  • Barbecue
  • Local Walks
  • Orienteering course
  • Scavenger Hunt

Off site activities close to KMC

  • Beacon Climbing Centre (5 miles from KMC)
    From £7.00 (depending on numbers) per person including instruction from qualified staff
  • A visit to the beach at Dinas Dinlle (12 miles from KMC)
    KMC instructors will be able to tell you whether it will be high or low tide (At half to low tide it is a lovely beach for playing games)
  • Multiplex Cinema (30 miles away at Llandudno Junction)
    Tel. 0871 220 8000
  • Caernarfon or Bangor Swimming Pools
    £2.10 per young person, £3.00 per adult before 7pm
  • A visit to Petes Eats (possibly the best cafe in Great Britain!)
  • A visit to a local storyteller in his own roundhouse
  • A trip to the bowling alley (32 miles away in Llandudno) 01492 871349

You might also find some ideas in the Attractions web links.

Please note that visitors to KMC must satisfy themselves about the safety of any activity they undertake off site. They must ensure that all members of their group are capable of taking part. KMC cannot accept responsibility for any loss of injury arising from involvement in off site activities.

When planning evening activities staff should bear in mind that some activities would involve a long drive. It is best not to programme an activity which involves a long drive after a particularly tiring day. Advice on this can be sought from the office.