FAQ: Course Participants

  • Can I choose what activities I do during the week? +

    Zip wire as part of a sea level traverseYou will find that a varied activity programme has been planned for your group. Your instructor will adapt the plan to take account of the weather, group strengths and preferences. There may be times when the group has the opportunity to choose between different alternatives. As with other aspects of the visit, it will be best to come with an attitude where you're willing to have a go at everything.
  • What if I'm too scared to do an activity? +

    MO1L7064_200pxYou'll find your instructor will be sympathetic in this situation. If you want to overcome your fear then you'll be given every support and encouragement to do so. We generally find that other group members are supportive as well.

  • Will we be climbing Snowdon? +

    glaslyn_viewMaybe. KMC is situated very close to the foot of Snowdon and KMC groups sometimes climb it. However, there are lots of other lovely mountains in Snowdonia and there are about a dozen mountains regularly climbed by groups from the centre. When mountain climbing is on the programme, your instructor will take into account the weather and the nature of the group in deciding which one to tackle.

  • How will I cope with the activities if I'm not very sporty? +

    miners_tracklunchWe don't think that will be a problem. We generally find it's a young person's mental attitude that makes the most difference to their success and enjoyment of the activities. The people who get on best are those who are ready to try new things, work with other people, and give everything their best shot.

  • Will I be able to take my camera on activities? +

    two_facesYes, you certainly will. The instructors understand how keen some people are to have a record of their adventures in the form of photos. They will be able to give advice on how to carry and protect the camera, and they will make certain there are photo-opportunities at suitable points in the session. If you have any choice of camera, one that's waterproof and not too valuable would be the best one to bring.

  • Can I be in the same activity group as my friend? +

    gelert_walkMaybe, but we'd advise keeping an open mind over this. Your teacher or leader will make up the activity groups and will have good reasons for the way they divide up the party. If you haven't been placed with your best friend, try to look on this as an opportunity to spend some time with new people.

  • What time is bedtime at KMC? +

    bunksBedtime will be set by your teacher or leader, and will take into account the age of party members and the fact that everyone will need plenty of rest and sleep in order to enjoy the strenuous daytime activities.
  • Will there be the chance to go shopping? +

    toy_sheepKMC has a simple tuck shop selling drinks, chocolate, postcards, stamps and a small selection of souvenirs. It's best to ensure you bring the essential things like toothpaste and torch batteries, as visiting bigger shops isn't always possible in our busy schedule.

  • What if I'm a fussy eater? +

    lunch1The food at KMC is nice and plentiful. It's mostly home-cooked and the cooks are as helpful as they can be towards visitors with special diets. However, the KMC dining room is definitely not a restaurant where you can order whatever you'd like to eat, so it's best to come ready and willing to enjoy whatever dishes have been prepared for you.
  • Will there be free time during the week? +

    You'll probably find that your teacher or leader has planned an enjoyable activity for each evening during the visit, and that there will be an expectation that you'll take part. However, there will be plenty of time in between planned activities where you can relax and chat with friends.


  • Can I bring my mobile to KMC? +

    MO1L7296_200pxWe'd prefer you not to bring your mobile to KMC.
    The main reason for this is that we want this visit to be a very different experience from a normal week, and one where you are completely 'in the moment', enjoying what you're doing and the company you're in.
    Mobiles can be a distraction from that kind of pleasure. Also there's a high risk of mobiles getting lost or damaged during activities and around the centre, and we don't have the facilities to charge mobiles at KMC.

  • How can I become an outdoor instructor? +

    absIf you are interested in a career as an outdoor instructor, during your school years the best thing you can do is take every opportunity you can to do the different activities, and keep a record of what you've done. The opportunities might come through school trips or clubs, through getting involved in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, through an organisation such as the Scouts or Guides, or through family contacts. After you leave school there are a number of outdoor activity courses at universities and colleges that might be of interest to you. Please see also our document 'Do you want to be an instructor?'

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