An ensuite accommodation unit with wheelchair accessibility


The Eric Watts Room was named after the former Kent County Council Youth and Community Officer who supported the application to the lottery which helped fund the building of this room.

It sleeps three, has ensuite facilities and is fully furnished with access from the main courtyard.

The ground floor is also accessible with its dining room, lecture room, lounge and small shop.

KMC is keen to encourage wheelchair users to come to KMC and are committed to providing challenging activities to all our clients. We always prepare our programmes and activities in advance with our visitors and we would aim to tailor make our programmes in order to take account of the abilities of all group members.
Our staff are all highly skilled caring professionals and are used to working with a whole range of client groups.
All our weeks at KMC include equipment, use of minibus and if in the main house or Eric Watts Room, full board.

A full price list is available on request.