field_studThis document is not prescriptive, however it does show many of the subject areas that could be covered during a field work visit to the Kent Mountain Centre.

The topics listed below give an indication of the range available to groups visiting KMC.  From this list you can put together an idea of a programme which we can then use to gather together more information about the areas you are interested in

  • Slate - a study of the Slate Industry in North Wales
  • National Park Upland Management - footpath management and conservation in the National Parks.
  • SSSIs and the effect of Gorge Walking on them.
  • Impact of Tourism on the National Park
  • Impact of Leisure on the National Park
  • Sea
  • Coastal Management
  • Dune Morphology
  • Pollution
  • Beach Profiles
  • Coastal Erosion Features
  • Weather
  • Mountain Weather
  • Map Skills and Navigation
  • Settlement Studies
  • Energy, HEP, Nuclear, Wind Farm, Alternative Technology
  • Rivers
  • Soils
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Vegetation Study
  • Glaciation and Glacial Geomorphology
  • Regional Development
  • Farming / Upland Farming
  • A55 / Conwy Tunnel / Holyhead Development
  • Investigate similarities and differences between local area and North Wales.


  • Biogeographical and Geomorphological Investigations


A combination of field studies and outdoor education is an attractive option to many groups.

At KMC we can provide a week which will fulfil the curriculum aims of a field study visit whilst providing safe, challenging activities for the young people in the outdoor environment.

The visiting staff can decide upon the course content and design of such a course, but our staff will be happy to offer advice on sites and suitable activities.  We offer assistance in the field and have basic field work equipment for loan.

If schools would like a mixture of field studies and outdoor education then we can offer a range of activities run by our qualified instructional staff including climbing, canoeing, walking and orienteering.

The prices for field studies are detailed on the enclosed sheet and can be combined with a group from the same school who wish to do outdoor education for the whole visit.