Feedback From Our Visitors


We looked up to our first day's challenge.
Snowdon. Staring through the angry clouds.
When we started the clouds looked white and fluffy,
but as we gained height they turned nastier.

The clouds played tricks;
we often thought we were at the top,
only to find it continued ahead of us.
At times our muscles cried out to stop,
but our determination drove us onward.

The wind was vicious, the snow was cold,
but nothing was going to beat us.
The team was tested to the full,
but team spirit shone through,
and we wanted to achieve our goal together.

The gale cut across the hillside to the bone,
as we trudged relentlessly towards our goal.
For brief moments the sun battled through,
and cheered us up with an incredible view.

When climbing this amazing creature,
you wonder if we will tickle its spine.
Today I climbed to the top of the world,
in the clouds and above the birds.

Words can't describe what we did today;
we ache and we're tired,
but we'll remember this experience forever.

A poem written by a group of pupils from Angley School, Cranbrook,

Peak Practice

A big thank you to all at the Kent Mountain Centre involved in the KMC Introduction Course for new Youth Workers.

On behalf of everyone who attended I would like to thank the domestic staff for their hard work concerning the day to day running of KMC to ensure that our stay was comfortable and pleasant - especially the food!

I would also like to congratulate the Instructional Team on their excellent motivational and leadership skills that helped the entire group to reach the Summit of Snowdon and encouraged each of us to work as a team on the Problem Solving and Challenge Day.

I am sure that many of the Youth Workers who attended will be returning with groups from their Centres/projects, both for the benefit of the young people and for their own enjoyment!

Claire Nicholas

Kent Mountain Centre is really cool
Excellenter by far than school
No one ever got bored at all
The best of all was the climbing wall

Moments arose when we got quite cold
Often to stop moaning we were told
Under the waterfall it was wet
Now our adventurous challenge we have met

The dorm was our home all week
And in it all night we did speak
I personally had a brilliant time
Never will we forget how to climb

Canterbury seems so far away
Everyone really wants to stay
Never mind we'll come back soon
Till then we'll reminisce with Mr Lamoon

Remember us Keith, Anne, Stuart, Mike and Bryn
Everyone's hearts you did win

Thanks everyone, Simon Langton School, Canterbury.

KMC was great!
Everything we did was fun
Never want to leave
Time went quickly

Mountain Climbing was cool
Oh if only we could stay
Up and over the hills we climbed
Not a single person moaned
This week's been the best
Abseiling was a scream
I mean literally!
Nothing was too great to overcome

Canoeing was wet and wild
Everyone (except Liz) fell in
Now its time to leave
To leave you all behind
Return back to earth
Everyone says goodbye.

Simon Langton Girls School, Canterbury.

We scrambled out of the minibus with all our gear, ready for an action packed holiday at the Kent Mountain Centre in North Wales. The activities ranged from relaxing walks in the mountains to adventurous rock climbing and canoeing. Situated close to Llanberis and its lake, the Kent Mountain Centre is perfect for nearly all activities. But the highlight of the week must have been the 80ft. high Lockwood's Chimney. Where when reaching the top you get a real sense of good team work and achievement. With highly qualified instructors, you can forget your fear and can enjoy every moment of the day knowing that you are in safe hands. I recommend this holiday to anyone wanting a real challenge and a great time.

Thanks KMC, Simon Langton Girls School,

Today I went sea-level traversing at Trearddur Bay. It was good, but scary. We abseiled to get down and a while later we did a Tyrolean traverse (which was like a zip-line) - fun but hard. Then we had to go across a steep rock and I was relieved that I made it. I had to go up on the grass and Laura froze so I helped her up.

Rebecca Lynes, Wilmington High School.

First we did canoeing around the lagoons, where we learned how to steer, manoevre the canoe and put on a spray deck. Then we went on to Porth Trecastell where we did surfing. At first I was really scared but when I had a go I found it very exciting. We learned strokes called the support stroke, sculling and bongo sliding.

Neil Brown, Wilmington High School.
Today we climbed up the Gribin. We had three lunch-breaks. On the third one there was a hole with stones round. We put our bags outside and sat in the hole and put up a survival tent. We had a look outside and the clouds had dropped. We went up to a rock called The Cantilever and sat on it.

Stephen Sharpe, Wilmington High School.
Today we climbed Snowdon and it was great fun. We started off by going up the Miners' Track which was mainly path but as we got higher we had to start scrambling up the rocks, which I thought was great fun and exciting. When we reached the top it was so windy we sometimes had to hold on, but it was great when we reached the top.

Simon Bull, Wilmington High School.